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Take back YOUR time and energy you spend on your company's marketing efforts and focus on what you do best — making homes beautiful and functional. Hand over your marketing woes to our team of experts— we know our strategy works!

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“It continues to escalate and more jobs are coming in. The more we do James Hardie, and the more marketing we do, it earns us even more jobs. It’s like a snowball effect because as homeowners see James Hardie products in their neighborhood, they want it, too.”

- Fred Grennan

Owner of Grennan Construction, Roofing and Siding

Project Pricing

Are You Ready to Invest in the Growth of Your Company?

At Galvanized Creative, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help your contracting business get the best results. Our team of Google experts can help you tackle your marketing challenges from all angles, with three key services:

  1. Bespoke Website Design: Our team will work with you to create a website that attracts and converts ideal customers. With a user-friendly design, clear messaging, and effective calls to action, your website will become a powerful tool for generating leads.
  2. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization: We will help you increase your organic search engine traffic over time, using strategies such as landing pages, blogs, and other activities that drive leads long-term. By improving your online presence, we can build trust with your ideal customers and help you stand out from the competition.
  3. Expand Your Reach with Geotagging: Geotagging is a crucial step in the optimization journey for businesses that want to market their localized services and products better. It helps you appear in local searches for areas where you want to gain more clients.

It's important to note that more complex websites can be more expensive. While we may be more expensive than some companies, we believe our comprehensive approach and focus on quality results make us the best choice for your business. Check out our FAQ section below for more information on what sets us apart from our competitors.

Attract More Customers, Increase Sales, and Build Trust!

Pricing | Website Design

We’ve honed a simple and effective process to deliver a tailor-made website that amplifies your brand, fosters trust with your ideal audience, and generates quality leads.

  • Don’t settle for an agency that doesn’t specialize in contractor-focused websites.
  • We engineer every website with SEO in mind, ensuring maximum lead generation potential.
  • With our expertise, your website will effectively attract new customers, top talent, and referral partners with ease.


Website Package Details

  • Brizy WordPress Template
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Customization of Theme
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Mailing List Plugin
  • Contact Form
  • Photo Sourcing
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions


Silver Package

For Example:

3 Page Site $3,400

($300 per additional website page)

5 Page Site $4,000

($300 per additional website page)

10 Page Site $5,500

($300 per additional website page)

Platinum PACKAGE

Website Package Details

All Items in the gold package:

  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Mailing List Plugin
  • Contact Form
  • Photo Sourcing


  • Custom Brizy WordPress Build
  • Custom Branded Graphics
  • Photo Editing
  • Google Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • 404 Redirect
  • XML Sitemap
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions


Gold Package

For Example:

3 Page Site $6,900

($300 per additional website page)

5 Page Site $7,500

($300 per additional website page)

10 Page Site $9,000

($300 per additional website page)

Outrank Your Competitors!


Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO services are the perfect way to get your website ranking higher in search engines and generating more leads. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you get your website registered and ranking high with search engines, so you can pursue new leads and generate real profit.

Local SEO Services Include

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Research
  • Install and register SiteKit by Google
  • Register and Install Google Analytics
  • Register and Install Google Search Console
  • Create Page Title and Descriptions
  • Create/Optimize Google Business Profile
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Reputation Management (reviews and responses)
  • Content Creation (Blogs & Landing Pages)
  • Optimize Image Meta Data
  • On-Page SEO
  • SEO Press Pro Plugin
  • Rename Page URL’s
  • Register with Local Business Directories
  • Listing Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • And Much More!

Packages Start at $1,997/ Month

**All of our services are priced in custom curated packages. SEO and online success in general is effected by your overall online presence and therefore cannot be guaranteed to be successful independent of one another. Please schedule a consultation today to speak with us about our custom curated packages.

Build and Dominate YOUR SERVICE AREA!

Pricing | Geotagging

Custom Geotagging Solutions

We can optimize your Google Profile and Website to increase your rankings in local search results leveraging your current and past jobs.

Geotagging Package Details

Photo Sourcing

We write optimized content including your ideal keywords

Google Profile Optimization

2 posts per day — 5 Days a week = 40 posts per month

Interactive Website Map and Projects Page

4 Projects added per month

Dedicated Project Manager

Monthly Reports with Detailed Tracking

$2,997 per Month


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Social Media

Content Creation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked Local Marketing questions.

What makes you different from your competitors?

We build close, long -lasting relationships with all of our marketing clients. We have never had a marketing client leave us. It is important that you feel safe and know that we care very much about the success of your business. Our success is found in our clients success.

We plan on remaining a small, boutique-style agency. We strive to provide high-end custom services to all of our clients. When marketing company's get too big, their clients become numbers on a page. We NEVER want that to happen! We love all of our clients and truly enjoy our relationships with each of them.

You service will always be customized to fit the very specific needs of your business. You will never see us giving our clients a cookie cutter solution.

The sky is the limit! Interested in a service you don't see mentioned on our website? Have you heard of a new marketing technique? Let us know! We can make anything happen. We have an army of professional connections that are willing to work with us to provide any service you could possibly think of.

Will I own my marketing materials and website?

Absolutely! You will own EVERYTHING we do for you. You will be free to take all of your assets with you at any time. It is important to us that you feel your business is safe and cared for while working with us.

How much does SEO cost?

To answer this question we would need to know more information about your business. We can tell you one thing though, the biggest reason why most campaigns fail (possibly yours in the past too), is that the company fails to properly assess the amount of work required to get you a great result and ROI.

How long does SEO take?

SEO services in an ongoing investment in your business.

Even if you were to rank at #1 today on google, there is no guarantee you will remain at the top, especially if you aren't making consistent improvements to your online presence.

What is the ROI on SEO?

Generally more than you could ever imagine. Companies can grow their sales by 1000% in 16-months, which represented an ROI of over 20X. However, the true value in SEO is that the traffic and leads you acquire last for a very long time.

Can you get me to #1 on Google?

We will get you to the best possible position for your market, and flood your business with new organic traffic. According to research, it’s better to focus on ranking your business for the right keywords than just chasing #1’s. If #1 is possible for the right terms, then we’ll give it everything to get you there.

Will my results drop if I stop doing SEO?

SEO is much like going to the gym. After working out for 12-months straight, you’re going to be in great shape, and even if you stop for 3-months, you’re going to maintain a pretty good physique. However over time your results will drop off, and you’ll need a tune up.

The same is true for your SEO. Everything we do is permanent and long term, however with time your competition may work and out-rank you. If this happens after your campaign ends, simply give me a call and we will walk you through how we can fix it.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we have all of our clients sign a contract to both protect ourselves as well as them.

The contract is there to outline expectations so our clients know exactly what we will be doing for them.

We NEVER have our clients sign a contract to lock you into a timeframe. We believe that if a company needs to lock you in with a long term contract, they aren’t confident in their abilities to delivery quality, effective work that will keep you happy with the results on a monthly basis.

How do we get started?

We know that you’re busy running your business, so we have made getting started as easy as possible.

Contact us for a free consultation.

We’ll have a chat (over the phone or in-person), discuss your goals, what you are currently doing to grow your business, and what you have tried in the past. We will also discuss your local marketing investment, what that looks like, and what services we suggest to include in your custom business strategy.

Do I need to worry about you working with my competitors?

No! As long as you are our client we guarantee to NEVER work with a direct competitor.

With my last marketing company I was just another number. How do you prevent that from happening?

We will only work with 25 clients at any one time. Period. It is extremely important to us and to the health of your marketing that you have our attention and personalized experience.

Limiting the number of clients we bring on will make it possible for you to get a customized marketing plan and service that truly fits your needs, saves you time, and makes you money.

We will can easily replace an entire in-house marketing team. We currently have 8 industry professionals, that you will have full access to as well as a dedicated account manager that you will be in direct contact with regularly.

Do you offer PPC services?

Yes, we do offer Google and Facebook PPC campaign setup and maintenance.

Will you manage my Social Media accounts?

This is a service that we do offer. Please ask about incorporating social media management into your custom business strategy when you have your consultation.

What sort of reporting will I receive?

You’ll receive a ranking report outlining the progress for your Google My Business page, website, social media, etc. every month. This provides you with certainty in the early months that although you might not be seeing more phone calls yet, that you are indeed growing forward every single week, and that we will get you to the end result that you want and need.

Is there any guarantees for our SEO service? 

No one can guarantee you to rank #1 on Google.

While many SEO companies guarantee a number-one ranking, Google ultimately makes that decision, and no SEO company has a special relationship with Google. Again, the relationship between a guarantee for top rankings and shady SEO companies is strong enough that Google recommends running away.

My guarantee is that nobody will work harder to get you the rankings you deserve than we will.


Let’s Grow Your Business!