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Grennan Construction has Doubled Their Revenue Year-After-Year Working with Our Skilled Marketing Team

See how Fred Grennan has reclaimed the time and energy he was spending on his company's marketing efforts and can now focus on what he does best — making homes beautiful and functional. Hand over your marketing woes to our team of experts— we know our strategy works!

“It continues to escalate and more jobs are coming in. The more we do James Hardie, and the more marketing we do, it earns us even more jobs. It’s like a snowball effect because as homeowners see James Hardie products in their neighborhood, they want it, too.”

- Fred Grennan

Owner of Grennan Construction, Roofing and Siding


Grennan Construction has been in the roofing and siding industry for over 20 years. In 2020, Owner Fred Grennan was searching for help to ramp up his marketing efforts and update his online presence. Equipped with the knowledge that marketing was an investment worth making, he contacted Galvanized Creative, and we started our journey together.


Website Redesign



Reputation Management

At A Glance


Get to the top of search results

Brand Recognition

Position company as an industry leader


Increased Leads

Increased Revenue

Increased Reputation

"Galvanized Creative has been reliable and innovative every step of the way. From Web Design, SEO Services, and the great Marketing Team, I have become a local leader in my industry.

I can’t say enough great things about working with Galvanized Creative. ”

Fred Grennan

Owner, Grennan Construction


Benefit One

Grennan Construction has seen a 289% increase in yearly revenue over the last three years.

Benefit Two

433% Increase in the number of James Hardie Jobs sold from 2020 through 2022.

Benefit Three

237% increase in the total number of jobs sold from 2020 through 2022.

Benefit Four

By dedicating a large portion of our marketing efforts to techniques such as SEO and geotagging, Grennan Construction will continue to receive benefits and see growth from those investments for years.

Key Metrics


Increase of Total Yearly Revenue


Increase of James Hardie Jobs Sold


Increase of Total Jobs Sold


What we saw as our biggest challenge was outranking the competition that not only had been around longer but was also spending much more money on its marketing efforts. We needed to find where to make the most significant impact with a conservative investment that fit their budget.


We put together a game plan that started with a new, up-to-date, high converting website, then SEO and content creation, and once we established a healthy online presence, we started pushing with a geotagging campaign.


James Hardie Jobs Sold by Year

2020= 12

2021= 23

2022= 52

Total Jobs Sold by Year

2020= 285

2021= 389

2022= 678

Website Design



Local SEO and a Huge Geotagging Push

Our Plan moving forward

Grennan Construction has seen immense growth close to its office location and immediate surrounding areas. Our next step is to increase their Google position in locations further from their office location.

To accomplish this task, we will do an extensive geotagging campaign to optimize their account daily for the additional locations they would like to rank.

We will engage these locations in the order that best suits Grennan Construction, considering their ideal demographic, competition, and overall growth opportunity.

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