Michigan Web Design Services Team

Who we are

Our team of industry professionals will work together to help your company reach your ideal clients and convert website traffic into paying customers. This group of talented individuals, with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, will establish and uphold standards of quality for your business.

What we do

Our team comes together to strategize the best approach to help you grow your company through your website and marketing efforts. We will research concepts, present ideas, create strategies, and execute plans to capture the essence of your company.

Why we do it

Our drive comes from helping business owners and companies grow and find their identities within their market. We want to see our clients grow and expand their businesses through their websites and marketing.

Professional Recognition

More about us—

We are a small, local, licensed business— just like many of our clients. With George's 20 years of business expertise and Cari's 22 years of web and design experience, we have the perfect skillset to guide our clients throughout the process of choosing the right Michigan web design services for their company. Our team embodies the following qualities:

Highly experienced within their fields

Passionate about giving your brand meaning

Organized and focused on goals and results

Motivated to grow and succeed

A message from George Cholo


Welcome to Galvanized Creative!

I am George, Owner & CEO of Galvanized Creative. As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make GC an outstanding provider of Michigan web design services and a wonderful place to build a solid business foundation.


Designer/Project Manager

Cari is a Michigan-based designer specializing in visual identity, communication, web design, SEO, and marketing.

Equipped with over 22 years of experience,  Cari is eager for new, exciting possibilities and strives to do impactful work she is proud of.

Cari has focused her area of expertise in the realm of communications and marketing through web design and print marketing. She looks forward to broadening her client base and project experience in order to provide our clients with the best outcome.


Copy Editor/ Copywriter

Meg currently works as the Associate Director of the First-Year Writing Program at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). In addition to this position, Meg teaches First-Year Writing at both EMU and Oakland Community College.

An EMU alumna, Meg earned an MA in Written Communication and specializes in the teaching of writing. Meg also pre-edited For My Boys by Dennis Merlo and has worked as a writing tutor and consultant for the last ten years.

Meg spent the last decade honing her writing, editing, and teaching skills and will diligently write and/or refine your text to echo your vision.


Web Developer

Danielle Zarcaro is the founder of Paperback Web Development (PBwebD) and partners with businesses to support and develop their websites and online systems to ensure they run effortlessly and efficiently.

PBwebD is a queer womxn-owned web development company that specializes in custom WordPress website maintenance and development as well as marketing campaign and automation support.

Danielle brings passion and knowledge to projects, especially those that have a mission of helping others. She loves to understand how things work and is always looking for new ways to make people’s lives easier.

What our clients say

We cannot be happier with Cari's professionalism, attention to detail and promptness. You don't have to look any further for a designer. Thank you for all you do Cari!

Fred Grennan

Owner | Grennan Construction 

What our clients say

I have all great things to say about Galvanized Creative! I am so pleased with the out of the box thinking Cari did to help design my business image. Cari's fresh perspective is just what I needed for my marketing efforts. She combined her ideas with my own and took her time to understand how I want my business represented. I give her an additional 5-Stars 🌟 for customer service too!

Dorothy Betts

Business Owner


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Types of Businesses We Specialize in Working With

Construction Companies

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