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Welcome to Galvanized Creative!

Hi! We are George and Cari! As siblings and co-founders of Galvanized Creative, we’ve dedicated our family-operated company serving all of Michigan to provide you and your company with quality Web Design and Marketing services that will elevate your business above the rest. As you navigate our website, we hope you learn more about the qualities that make Galvanized Creative an outstanding provider of Web Design and Marketing services and a wonderful place to take your business from vision to reality!

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Best Regards,

George Cholo & Cari Schmoock

Co-Founders of Galvanized Creative

Michigan Web Design Company CEO and Owner






Social Media

Content Creation

Total Business Cap 

We only service 25 customers total. Period.

We only work with $1M+ per year companies

that can & want to grow to $10M+

Why do we only service 25 clients? 

  • Quality > quantity We rather work with fewer & bigger clients which allows us to produce better results and scale

  • Better service Since we service fewer, bigger clients we can give more time, focus & resources into each client

  • Internal business operations The right people at the right place, can handle growth & ready to scale

  • Scalability Willing to invest more money into what works. We want to find businesses that can & want to scale

As long as you are our client, we will NEVER work with your direct competitor.



Michigan web designer Cari Schmoock

Cari Schmoock

CEO + Project Manager + Strategist

Michigan web design services

George Cholo

Vice President + PR + Sales

Michigan web design services

Lucy George

Project Manager + Strategist Photographer

Michigan web design services

Kathy Koch

Administration Magician

Michigan web design services

Logan Zurek

Video Editor +

Raster Graphics Designer

Michigan web design services

Christy Howe

Graphic Designer

Michigan web design services

Bruce Schmoock

Geotagging Guru

Web Design Team

Our team of industry professionals will work together to help your company strive for new heights of growth and achieve those goals. This group of talented individuals, with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, will establish and uphold standards of quality for your business.

You receive a dedicated project manager

You have access to our entire team of industry professionals

You are our priority!

Highly experienced within their fields

Passionate about helping contractors grow their businesses

Organized and focused on goals and results

Reputation for honesty and integrity

Cari Schmoock

Project Manager | Designer | CEO

Photo of woman sitting at desk with computer screen, keyboard and mouse

Cari is a Michigan-based designer specializing in communication, web design, SEO, and marketing.

Equipped with years of experience,  Cari is eager for new, exciting possibilities and strives to do impactful work she is proud of.

Cari has focused her area of expertise in the realm of communications and marketing through web design and digital marketing. She looks forward to connecting with business owners with high integrity and building long-term relationships.

Cari was featured in Voyage Michigan Magazine on October 5, 2022.

Read more about her journey to website design and marketing here:

Lucy George

Project Manager + Strategist Photographer

Photo of young woman standing in front of pink sponsorship banner

Lucy George is a marketing strategist, photographer, writer, and web and graphic designer here at Galvanized Creative.

Lucy is a recent graduate from Michigan State University’s college of Social Science, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree.

She prides herself on her creativity, as well as her ability and desire to problem-solve. 

Kathy Koch


Kathy, brings over 25 years of administrative, sales, and marketing experience to our team.

She is creative, organized, and resourceful and is a great cheerleader for the team. She is the key to the great customer service support Galvanized Creative offers to their clients.

Christy Howe

Graphic Designer

Throughout her career as a graphic designer Christy has had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way.

She believes in working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Christy has a burning passion for what she does, and she can’t wait to create something with you! 

Logan Zurek

Video Editor

Raster Graphics Designer

Photo of young man

Logan is based in Indiana with a wealth of experience in video editing and rasterized graphic design.

Through years of dedication and refinement of his craft, he has garnered a deep understanding of content creation and leverages this knowledge to drive business growth.

As a seasoned video editor, Logan possesses a diverse skill set and excels in producing high-quality social media videos that are optimized for platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

In addition to his video editing expertise, Logan is well-versed in the use of Photoshop, adeptly utilizing the software to create visually striking thumbnails, restore and editphotographs, and design compelling advertisements.

What can you gain by having your website and SEO professionally planned and designed?


Spend your time using your talents to best serve your company. Let Galvanized Creative handle the design and planning of your website and SEO.


Increase your income by increasing your conversion rate on the web as well as drawing in your clients with a well-crafted website and SEO that will get you ranking higher on Google.


Stand out in your industry as a trusted and informed company. From your web presence to your SEO, Galvanized Creative will create a brand that communicates professionalism and tells the story of your company.


Reach your goals and push beyond your previous limitations. Galvanized Creative will recognize your goals and help you create a plan for achieving them by pushing beyond what you may realize is possible.

Web Design Companies in Michigan

Web Design

Web Design Companies in Michigan Web Redesign Construction
Web Design Companies in Michigan Web Redesign Construction

Some of Our Clients

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design

Website Design

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Website Design

Website Design

SEO | Marketing


Website Design | Marketing


SEO | Marketing

Website Design

Website Design

3 Steps to Increase Your Web Traffic and Sales


Schedule your free web design or SEO consultation.

Stop wasting time and feeling stressed about wondering where your next job or project will come from. Schedule a consultation with our marketing specialist to discuss what your next step should be.


Your new marketing assets will be designed and implemented.

With a clear path moving forward, we will design and help you get your new marketing materials out to your ideal customers.


Make connections with your ideal customers!

Grow your leads and attract attention from your ideal customers by standing out within your industry.

What our clients say

My experience with Galvanized Creative has been wonderful. Cari is great to work with and so very creative. She is always coming up with ideas and tweaks to my design requirements, and they always come out perfect. I have used Galvanized Creative for a number of years now for logo design, letterhead, business cards, website design, truck lettering, etc. The responsiveness and professionalism I get from Cari is second to none, and I would highly recommend her for whatever your design needs may be!

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